One of the overlooked repairs is auto glass chip repair. The chip might appear to be not much but the contamination from stresses and debris from changing temperature will grow and will result to future damages. It will lead to cracks and expensive repairs in the future.

You can avoid this, by doing the repair yourself with your auto glass repair kit. We will show you in this article how to do the repair yourself. With 4 easy steps, you will find yourself doing an auto glass repair that’s easy and quick.

Repair Auto Glass Chip

Step 1: Inspect the Damage

This is the first thing you always do when it comes to inspecting damages. This task can be done by yourself or by an assistance of a professional. The rule here is that if the damage in your windshield is limited to knick or minor chip, this one can be repaired. Small spider cracks are repairable, but those with long veins imply a bigger problem and are not already repairable.

Step 2: Choose the Repair Kit

If you have decided that the glass chip is repairable, go to the nearest auto parts store. They sometimes offer DIY windshield kit that has all the things you need. The kit includes a base or stabilizer, applicator or injector, adhesive curing film and a tube of resin.

Step 3: Performing the Repair

There is a detailed instructions that come with the kit, make sure to read it carefully. To begin with the repair process, first you should clean the chip and its area. Use the glass cleaner. Dry it with a clean towel. Use a safety pin to get out the debris left.

After the cleaning process, using an adhesive attach the base or the stabilizer to the windshield. Carefully position it so the seal between the glass and the base is airtight. Next, attach the applicator or injector to the stabilizer. The air between the windshield and stabilizer is removed while you inject the resin.

Wait for the moment until the resin has cured. If so, remove the stabilizer and applicator. After that, place the resin on the repair. Place the cure film over it. if you place the film, don’t forget to remove the air bubbles. Let the resin cure once again.

Remove the film. If it is uneven, fix it with a razor blade. Any residue should be cleaned up the glass cleaner. If you can complete it, the repair you made will not be noticed.

That’s it folks. A chip in your windshield might be not as important as others; you should take care of it before bigger problems will arise. This DIY task will save you bucks in the future. If you’re still not sure that you can do the repair alone, consulting a professional will not hurt. It’s important to fix small issues rather than wait for it to become bigger in the future. Do you have questions? If so, just put it all in the comment box below.