Color Choices

We had plans to set up our mudroom and had a vision of how we wanted it to turn out. The first step was scrolling through thousands of Pinterest images to get inspiration. We wanted to create a fresh inviting space as a side entrance room with the sliding glass door leading to the deck. There was a lot of natural light coming into the room with the large window by the entryway door. with vaulted ceiling‘s we could do something really great with the space. First off we had our contractor install some brand new colonial trim around the door casings and windows and along the floorboards. Then we selected the same type of flooring that was in our kitchen to continue through into the mudroom to create a seamless feel and a large open space. We then hired a professional local painting contractor to put a coat of primer on the walls and the ceilings, which i found by searching for house painters near me. Then came the biggest hurdle of all; which color to choose for the walls.
If you have ever walked into a paint store you know what I mean by being overwhelmed with the amount of color choices that are available. I knew I wanted some shade of gray when I looked at the wall of shades of gray I was amazed to see that there were literally hundreds of options. So begin the process of elimination. I knew I did not want any shades of green and I was steering more toward the cooler shades of gray.
Once I had narrowed down the color tone then it was a matter of the shade. Working with a decent size space I could afford to go medium to medium light shade without the room feeling too small.
The rest of our house is very very pale off white shade of gray, so keeping it in the same family I decided to do one shade darker of gray. I finally settled on winter solstice from Benjamin Moore. I made a gutsy move and purchased an entire gallon of this color before I even tried a swatch on my walls.
My husband wasn’t crazy about the color when I first showed him but we are about to have a painter apply it with in the next day or so, so we will see how it turns out.
Blog update; The paint came out amazing exactly as I wanted it to.
Now for the cherry on the cake we ordered some reclaimed wood to mount on one side of the wall as an accent wall. The most exciting future of this room is that I could possibly use it as a photo studio in the future.