Painting a kids room can be really fun activity. When you’re expecting a child or just repurpose sing a new room for your kids here a couple different ways that you can choose how to paint it.
Keeping it simple can sometimes be the easiest and quickest way to get the room going if you want to focus on other things the room such as the furniture or artwork sometimes just doing a light solid color can be a good call.
At times, a plain color across the entire room can be a bit boring. Doing an accent wall that stands out either in a different color or with the striped pattern can be a fun way to make the room pop. A lot of recent trends are showing that you can even add an accent wall with a layer of patterned wallpaper that can create a subtle but classy statement and adds a lot of texture to your child’s living space.  This is a great way to add a bit of character, or a playful touch. There are many designers and websites available to check out for wall paper designs, that are not tacky.  Look at pinterest or other blog style sites that feature decorating tips for kids rooms and baby rooms. You can get a lot of inspiration from there and see what you like best.
 If you have a budding artist in the family chalkboard wall is another great way for them to have something to write on and be creative.
If you’d like to mix the traditional and the creative painting the room solid color and adding a stencil look to it by cutting out the shape of paper and painting over it can give the room some real dimension and interest.
If all of this seems a little overwhelming for you to take on individually calling local painting contractors who are professionals may be the way to go.